Don't let the rising cost of college scare you. Learn how to make your child's dream of college an affordable reality—and not just by choosing state schools.

Get insider tips and game-changing strategies to maximize financial aid—even with a high income. Our experts will share shocking insights and money-saving information you can't get anywhere else.

Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity:
  • Unlock the secrets of getting the most financial aid possible for your child's education—even if you make a lot of money
  • Avoid costly mistakes when filling out the FAFSA  and other forms
  • Discover the truth about the EFC and how it impacts your financial aid eligibility
  • Learn how to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for college without taking loans
  • Choose schools that are the best fit: academically, socially, and financially
  • Uncover which assets the government uses to calculate how much they expect you to pay for college
  • Learn why less expensive state schools can actually cost you more than private schools
  • Find out what most people don't know about 529 savings plans, their benefits and drawbacks
  • Understand FAFSA, EFC, COA, and other confusing "alphabet soup" college terminology
  • Get the inside scoop on scholarships, college loans, and avoiding college debt

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Chester County Library

Thursday, June 15 — 6:00 pm est

Our College Planning Experts

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