Vampire Slayer — The Simple Changes that Could Slash Your Energy Bills

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With energy prices soaring, you could be looking for ways to save money on gas and electric bills. And while you probably know the standard advice to adjust the thermostat or turn off lights when you leave a room, you may be unaware of the sneaky “energy vampires” that are literally sucking the energy right out of your home…and costing you a bundle every month.

Here is what you need to know about energy vampires . . .and how to slay them.

What is an Energy Vampire?

Energy vampires are appliances and electronics that continue to draw energy even after they go into “standby” mode. Common culprits include coffee makers, printers, laptops, game consoles, desktop computers, microwaves, DVRs, and mobile phone chargers…even when they’re not charging anything! Walk around your home, you’ll likely find an energy vampire or two in nearly every room.

How Much are Energy Vampires Costing Us?

A lot. In fact, Americans are spending $19 billion a year in vampire appliances and electronics, according to a report from the National Resource Defense Council. And the US Department of Energy reports that energy vampires account for 10 percent or more of your electricity bill.

Do you want to know how much energy vampires could be costing you? Try using this calculator from to estimate how much energy it takes to power your electronics and appliances throughout the year.

3 Ways to Slay Energy Vampires

1. Unplug.
If there is an electronic device or appliance that is rarely used, unplug it. Obviously, some things are easier to unplug, while not in use, than others. For example, that TV and DVR box in your basement that you use once a month? Unplug. Your coffee maker? That might be harder to keep unplugging…especially if you’re working from home.

2. Use Smart Power Strips.
Power strips to the rescue. A traditional power strip allows you to cut power to several appliances with one button. Even better, smart power strips outwit energy vampires altogether. That’s because a smart power strip will automatically shut down power to appliances once they go into standby mode.

3. Replace old appliances and electronics.
Though not considered energy vampires exactly, old appliances tend to be more like energy hogs. That old refrigerator in your garage might be keeping your extra milk cold, but it could be sucking tons of energy out of your house. Consider replacing older items with Energy Star devices, which use less energy during standby and usage modes.

With a few easy steps, you can lower your energy costs by identifying and slaying the energy vampires in your home. No garlic required.

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