The Time to Visit Colleges is NOW

Attention rising high school seniors! If you want to visit colleges in person – do it now.

With Covid-19 numbers increasing and uncertainty growing, it is very likely that in-person tours of college campuses will be halted in the very near future. Additionally, many campuses have mandated that students and faculty be vaccinated in order to be on campus. Therefore, as students begin arriving on campus in the next few weeks, most campuses will probably be closed to visitors.

So, what does this mean for you? It means – plan your visit – as soon as possible.

The growth of virtual tours and virtual information sessions has been very helpful for prospective students, and these will undoubtedly continue to be available. However, there is nothing quite like actually walking through a campus to give you that “real feel” for what it would be like to live, study, learn, and have fun there.

Furthermore, going on a live, in-person tour provides you with valuable opportunities to ask questions of your tour guide, who is most likely a current student. You’ll get immediate feedback and the opportunity to meet other prospective students in your tour group.

Additionally, many schools will have a supplemental essay on their application that asks you “Why do you want to attend our school?” Providing a thoughtful answer to this question is much easier when you’ve had personal experiences on campus to reference.

Always check a school’s website and verify that tours are still taking place before hitting the road. Also make sure you register for a tour as this will ensure that you will get the most complete impression of the school and signal to the school that you have “demonstrated interest” for admission.

For more tips and information, check out Tips for Visiting Colleges.

Good luck. Travel safe. Take lots of pictures. And enjoy the experience.

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